Which donut are you?

DonutWhich one are you?
I need to know!

1. Which celebrity would you rather spend the day with?

2. What is your ideal date night?

3. Which show would you binge-watch?

4. How would your friends describe you?

You are an...

Original glazed donut!

You're independent and reliable. Your friends and family can count on you. You enjoy the classics and sometimes miss the simple way things used to be. You definitely have a record player with old records lining your shelves. You have a good head on your shoulders, but sometimes you're averse to taking risks. Add some adventure to your life!

You are a...

Strawberry iced donut!

You are creative and fun. You have the amazing ability to make friends wherever you go. You are kind and empathetic. Just remember to say no and avoid taking on more than you can handle. You have needs too!

You are a...

Chocolate iced donut!

You're bold and trustworthy. Your friends can always count on you to honestly approve or veto their outfit or selfie. You're open to trying new things. Don't be afraid to get in touch with your emotions. Watch that rom-com, have that cry!

You are a...

Boston cream donut!

You have so much to offer. You basically ooze charm and flavour. Your friends appreciate your ability to break the ice no matter the situation. Your sense of humour makes you an invaluable friend, but don't forget to prioritize yourself and experience your emotions to the fullest.

You are a...

Chocolate iced with sprinkles donut!

Are you okay, babe? Just kidding, we approve of your adventurous, try-anything attitude towards life. You've always been one to ride the rollercoaster of life, never passing up an opportunity to coast straight to skyhigh euphoria. But don't forget to incorporate self-care into your routine so that the deep dives are less traumatic and more therapeutic.