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I'm a front-end web developer based out of Toronto.

I love coding, being creative and problem solving. I'm particularly passionate about building intuitive and clean user experiences online. I have an eye for design and, as a former lawyer, I bring excellent attention to detail and communication skills to every project.

When I'm not coding, you can find me spending time with family and friends, road tripping or binge watching coming of age dramas involving teen angst and unrequited love.



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Intergalactic Visitors System: Earth

A web app that allows extraterrestrial beings to browse travel destinations on earth. Data is retreived from a weather API, locations API, the Flickr API and the NASA API to collate each unique results page. Users are able to login, search by place, language or wonder of the world, and then save their favourite places for future reference.

#firebase #react #axios.js #javascript #floats #responsive-design #group-programming

Mood: Gilmore Girls

A web app that gives Gilmore Girls fans episode recommendations using the TVMaze API and the user's favourite character. Episodes may also be randomly generated from a "best bets" list.

#firebase #react #axios.js #javascript #css-grid #responsive-design

Donut: Which one are you?

A 5 question quiz that allows users to determine which donut best suits their personality.

#javascript #css-grid #responsive-design


A blog website coded from a PSD template featuring a unique home page, blog page and contact page.

#psd-conversion #flexbox #responsive-design #bem


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